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Stop! Hammertime.

Just went out in gold lamé hammer pants with coworkers to spread the word of MC Hammer (Hammertime — Sundays at 10PM/9C on A&E), and met the man himself. There was dancing in Grand Central and Times Square.

Pictures and video will follow, though not pictures taken by me, photos from a Canon 5Dmk2. Sorry Nikon.

Update: Here’s some pictures from coworkers’ P&S’s

Golden Hammer Pants in the Office

http:  www.taishimizu.com picture hammertime hammer pants office thumb.jpg

Hammer Pants in Times Square

http:  www.taishimizu.com picture hammertime hammer pants times square thumb.jpg

MC Hammer

http:  www.taishimizu.com picture hammertime hammer times square thumb.jpg

Posted by tai on 2009-06-12 14:59:04. Comments (1) | Tiny link

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Where did you get the pants?

Posted by lauren (anon) on 2012-10-02 01:57:46.
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