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Sensor Crop Calc.

Pictured: 53mm (full frame) view

View of Hell Gate Bridge from East Harlem — 2.5km/1.5mi away


Edit a focal length and hit enter to update the chart and image, hovering over a focal length in the chart will show the cropping as related to a 35mm image.

Film/Sensor Diagonal (mm) Crop Factor (35mm) Focal Length
645 MF 75 0.6
35mm 43 1
Canon APS-H 33 1.3
Nikon DX 29 1.5
Canon APS-C 27 1.6
Four Thirds 22.5 1.9
Nikon 1 (1") 16 2.7
1/1.7" (Canon S90) 9.5 4.5

Note, the cropping images make the incorrect assumption that the aspect ratio for all these sensors is identical, the crops are close, but not exact.
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