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Bronx Zoo Photos

I’m a bit torn by zoos. Some do a lot of important research and conservation work, but even the best put many animals in pretty confining cages. In any case, I do enjoy seeing the animals and taking pictures of them.

http:  farm4.static.flickr.com 3398 3519813754_c4d83a46a3_m.jpg

http:  farm4.static.flickr.com 3353 3519805984_eb38b0e645_m.jpg

http:  farm4.static.flickr.com 3373 3519812866_016af90efe_m.jpg

http:  farm4.static.flickr.com 3628 3518999097_beb87ff923_m.jpg

These were all taken on my D200 with my lovely Nikkor 300mm f/4.5 EDIF AI-S

Posted by tai on 2009-05-11 09:16:47. Comments (0) | Tiny link

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