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Gizmodo Gallery

I stopped by the Gizmodo gallery briefly before I came home today to look at all the gadgets. It was a bit odd seeing a Newton Messagepad 2100 sitting there on display when I now use one daily for work. The selection wasn’t too big, but included a truly massive TV, “3-D” etch-a-sketch (using stereoscopic projection), a mud computer, and a variety of smartphones.

Tesla Coil — Nikkor 180mm f/2.8 AI-S

http:  taishimizu.com pictures 2009 gizmodo gallery tesla coil electricity thumb.jpg

The highlight was a robotic drummer and some tesla coils that were hooked together by ArcAttack and played music. I’m not really sure how the whole thing worked, but I can now truthfully say that I’ve heard the Doctor Who theme played on the tesla coil.

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